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3 Ideas for Making Your Child's Birthday Party Photo Booth More Memorable


Your child will grow up very fast and it is important to cherish each moment as it comes. This means that you need to make an effort to make each birthday memorable. Instead of just having cake and streamers, you can add party hire services that will make the day more enjoyable and stand out as a lasting memory for your child. A photo booth from a party hire company can be a great feature to have at any birthday party, but there are a few ways that you can make this more fun and memorable for all the party attendees.

Party Hats

No party is complete without the right hat, and it can be a great item to be photographed in the photo booth. If the birthday party is circus themed, you can use white and red striped hats that are shaped like a circus tent. This can be a great item to have included in all the photos. The backdrop that you choose for the photo booth can match with the theme of the party hats. This means that you can coordinate the entire look and style of the party with the party hats that guests where in the photo booth. No one will forget what the theme of your party was when they can look back fondly on these themed photo booth photos.

Silly Props

Aside from just typical party hats, you can also have silly items in the photo booth that people can wear. Some of the most popular silly props that you should have on hand in the photo booth include oversized glasses, a fake mustache, a feathered boa, microphones, Halloween costumes, sports jerseys and costume jewelry. Many of these items are things that you have around the house, so you do not need to spend a lot of money to come up with great prop items for the photo booth. The sillier the props are often makes for even better photos.


Getting kids to loosen up and take fun photos can be made easier if you make it into a game. You can make your photo booth into a charades style game by having scraps of paper with written commands that kids can read and act out in the photo booth. This will give them fun ideas and allow them to make crazy faces and let loose when in front of the camera. Making the entire experience into a charades game just makes it more fun for everyone involved.


11 December 2015