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A Big Dog Party: 5 Party Essentials You Need for a Pup's Party


If you are a proud puppy parent, consider showcasing your love for your dog by throwing him a party. A dog party can be a small meeting with your friends and their canine companions at the local dog park, or it can be a more lavish celebration at your home or another area. If you want to be super festive, here are five essentials you need for your pup's party:

1. A Marquee

If you want the party to go on regardless of the weather, consider hiring a marquee for your party. If it rains, you can shelter under the marquee, and as it keeps the ground dry, as long as you keep the dog guests corralled under the marquee, you don't have to worry about muddy paws.

2. Doggy Cake

You can order dog-friendly cakes from many pet bakers, or you can even make your own. These obviously chocolate-free cakes combine a range of ingredients that most dogs love including flour, peanut butter, vanilla and honey. Best of all, humans can snack on these doggie cakes as well.

3. Treat Bags

The cake shouldn't be the only fun treat at the doggy party. Consider giving all of your canine guests a treat bag to take home with them. This bag could include a range of goodies such as a new chew toy, some doggy biscuits or whatever else you would like to give your guests.

4. A Small Stage

An event helps pull a party together and give it form. So that you can have an event, consider hiring a small stage for your party.

If you invite all of the doggy guests to wear costumes, you can have a pageant across the stage. Alternatively, if your doggy guests are good at tricks, you could invite their owners to lead them in a talent show. For either type of show, you can award prizes and ribbons or just keep it casual.

5. A Place to Do Their Business

The final thing you need to consider when throwing a doggy party is where the pups can do their business. If you like, you can let the pups use any discrete corner and give their human companions small bags to pick up after them. If do choose this option, make sure you have a dedicated receptacle for the bags.

Alternatively, you can create a canine toilet with a piece of fake turf. Just lay it a short distance from the other activities and instruct your guests to take their dogs there as needed.

For more tips, contact a party hire company.


9 June 2015